Vaxtor Systems

vaxtor systems

Vaxtor Systems develop software solutions based on artificial vision for traffic analysis and monitor.

Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) / Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

Vax ALPR is a solution designed to operate on-board a vehicle, or what  amounts to the same thing, from a moving camera. It incorporates latest  generation character recognition technology and a library specifically  for image processing developed exclusively for this project.

From Vaxtor technology, they make advanced automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) / automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) products.

  1. Vax ALPR Access – Streets access control, pedestrian zones, industrial areas, etc….Read more
  2. Vax ALPR Onboard– Mobile ANPR, ALPR, In Vehicle ANPR, ALPR. Automatic license plate recognition from inside in motion vehicle….Read more
  3. Vax ALPR FreeFlow – Automatic license plate recognition solution for free-flow tolling….Read more
  4. Vax ALPR RedLight – ALPR system to get evidences of red light running violations….Read more
  5. Vax ALPR Mobility – Transform your smartphone into a license plate recognition scanner….Read more
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Disclaimer: Vaxtor ALPR recognises accurately with standard issue license/number plates as prescribed by the Road Transport Department.